“Justice cannot be achieved through bombing. The tears shed by Israeli mothers are the same as those of Palestinian mothers. By gathering those who are against the war we want to make visible the knowledge and vision which is more powerful than globalized violence. This could become a turning point for the peace movement.” ~ Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of the peace research center Tamera, Portugal & co-initiator of the Vision Camp.

We refuse

We Refuse to Be Enemies : Vision Camp in Israel/Palestine

The Middle East is exploding in violence. In the last two weeks the war has killed more than 1000 people, the vast majority of them in Gaza, with more than 100 children amongst them. Due to the extensive bombing of even schools, mosques, hospitals and private homes people can no longer find protection or shelter. Hatred, fear and anger are at a peak in the whole region.

In this turbulence, peace workers from Israel, Palestine and other countries are holding a five-day vision camp in the Westbank. In the middle of the war they hold a peace vigil and create a frequency of calmness in which mutual perception, sharing, deep listening, clear thinking and vision building is possible. They say, “We refuse to be enemies.” And, “Together we can give a clear sign to end the war.”

For its protection and success the vision camp needs international accompaniment and publicity. The war in Gaza and Israel is not a local conflict but another breakout of the global war system – just like Syria and Ukraine. War is the unavoidable result of a society which follows the hypnosis of fear and separation – on economical, ecological, social and spiritual levels. Let us leave the war system whereever it is possible. Stay online and accompany the vision camp with your thoughts and prayers. We invite people all over the world to join in meditation on Monday morning (sunrise) and Tuesday evening (sunset and the end of Ramadan).

Thanks to Occupy Love for this post. Let PEACE and FREEDOM ring!

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