Happy Full Moon and potent release!

Moon art by Yana Dhyana

“This Full Moon is a VERY powerful Full Moon ~ not a gentle Gemini Full Moon, to say the least. Mental Expression, restlessness, thoughts rushing through the mind, these are normal for the Gemini Full Moon. Increased mental Activity, communications, verbalization through INTENSE discussions, are the Norm.

When we add the impact of  Sagittarius in Saturn, we want to be very MINDFUL and present of reacting old patterns of Limitation, that may lurk in the recesses of our Subconscious mind, being brought up, to BE LOVED. This is Not a punishing experience, rather, an accelerated momentum, that releases, old outdated paradigms, that no longer serve you.

Stay Present, Love what Arises. Know it is there to serve you, as you Expand in your Consciousness Awareness, to BEING the LOVE you Desire. Loving yourself into 5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ there is no other way, but THROUGH ~ Love.

What appears as a Tumultuous Experience ~ is the Dissolving of the Old Paradigm within You.

Stay Present, Love what Arises, it is ALL You ~ Awakening you to More of the Eternal You, through the Intense Metamorphosis of Inner Alchemy. Bring on the Dissolving of the Old Paradigm within, and Enter ~ Heaven on Earth, Now.”

~ iamthequeenoflight.com

Art by Yana Dhyana

“I am making friends with the Wind – who used to feel like an intruder rifling up my sleeves chasing debris down the tunnel She made of my street. But now I hear she’s howling for all that’s kept unfree. She whistles at gaps and rattles loose that which is inessential, raising in upward spirals things past their due, clearing the ground with her sharp, elbowing through. I am making friends with Change – who’s an agent of things not yet as they came to be. I’m making friends with the Clearing – not the eventual filling, but the pause before the hello when the Beloved picks up the other end of this phone. The moment so easy to miss – of Expectancy. The growing of something I myself must have once seeded. Yes, we are friends – the Wind and I – though she whips my hair into my mouth, slams doors and gives me a fright – but I just bundle myself well and meet her on the hill, make an offering of these leaves falling in their completeness, and let Her pull me off my feet So I may see further what is coming in on her distant, composing breezes.” ~by Dreamwork with Toko-pa

Adry del Rocio Garcia Hernandez

Art by Adry del Rocio Garcia Hernandez

Thank you to the amazing Toko-pa for this post.


“Little by little, people come to understand if they are willing to pay attention to the way they feel, that you cannot look at things that make you feel terrible and create a wonderful world. And this world is full of as many creators as it is full of as many perceivers. You don’t have to wait for the entire world to figure this out for you to live a wonderful life experience.” ~Abraham Hicks

better world

“To run with the wolf was to run in the shadows, the dark ray of life, survival and instinct. A fierceness that was both proud and lonely, a tearing, a howling, a hunger and thirst. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst. A strength that would die fighting, kicking, screaming, that wouldn’t stop until the last breath had been wrung from its body. The will to take one’s place in the world. To say ‘I am here.’ To say ‘I am.” ~O.R. Melling


Art by Liza Lambertini

Happy New Moon and 11/11 portal… Powerful day!

Moon Art by Lucy Campbell

“The Scorpio New Moon on November 11 gives birth to the new you. 
It is time to shed the old skins. Release what is dying. Let go of what is not working for you. Move to higher ground. 
Scorpio is about death and rebirth. This is a cycle of completions and new beginnings...
Your power is inside of you. It is your Inner Being. Reach for your real power. The surface will not give you strength. Dive deep.
This is about healing you. Healing your heart and mind. This Moon can heal your heavy heart. Let go. Surrender. Love you more than the need for something or someone in your life.
You are a great spiritual being. You are a hero for being here at this turning of the ages. This is truth.”
~Kelley Rosano
Art by Lucy Campbell