Happy New Moon!


“The October 30th New Moon falls in the dreamy and introspective sign of Scorpio. Even though Scorpio energy can be deep and dark, there is a way to channel this energy into something productive and even, magical.

In fact, the energy of this New Moon has a high creative and supernatural charge to it and we will all be guided to go deep within, so we can remind ourselves about who we really are.

There has been a lot of cleansing and releasing energy in the Universe this year, and while October’s New Moon will be asking us to go deep, it will be asking us to venture deeper than our problems and deeper than our fears, all the way into the heart of our soul.

This transformative energy is gentle, supportive and calming. It will be reminding us to nurture and care for ourselves. It will also be reminding us that sometimes the greatest healing we can offer ourselves is our own true love.

Scorpio energy supports us to dive deep into our imagination and intuition. Use the force of this New Moon to travel within and get lost in the fairytales of your mind. Use the energy to inspire your creative visions and to expand your intuition.

The New Moon also falls just one day before All Hallows Eve, making the Scorpio New Moon even more magical.

Halloween is a time when the veil between dimensions is thinnest and this New Moon will definitely be amplifying this energy.

The Scorpio New Moon will also allow us to take a journey into the underworld. The underworld is our subconscious and the deeper, darker, more intuitive side of who we are. It is when we are in this place that we can truly understand the power and magnificence of our own light.

If you allow the energy of the Scorpio New Moon in, you are going to be able to feel your soul; you are going to be able to feel your energy on a powerful level and you are going to be able to transform yourself with the power of your own love.

The October New Moon is beautiful, magical and supportive, so allow its energy to guide you. Allow yourself to be taken by the energy and see where you travel to.”

~Tanaaz, excerpt from Forever Conscious

Art by Lucy Campbell

“You deserve a lover who wants you disheveled, with everything and all the reasons that wake you up in a haste and the demons that won’t let you sleep. You deserve a lover who makes you feel safe, who can consume this world whole if he walks hand in hand with you; someone who believes that his embraces are a perfect match with your skin. You deserve a lover who wants to dance with you, who goes to paradise every time he looks into your eyes and never gets tired of studying your expressions. You deserve a lover who listens when you sing, who supports you when you feel shame and respects your freedom; who flies with you and isn’t afraid to fall. You deserve a lover who takes away the lies and brings you hope, coffee, and poetry.” ~Frida Kahlo~


“It is written in your blood, that you will fly. So let your heart bleed when it is struck by the tendernesses of life or the whirling thunderstorms – and let it burst open when it is drunk on too much pain. Everything unresolved, let it come. Do not hide. Do not bandage your heart half in shame. Let the tears rain from your eyes when all is stirred. Let the messy goddess emerge with dead grass still in her hair. The sky calls your wings. Let your blood respond. Soaring will come naturally, I promise. But for some reason we must fall before we can fly. We must hear again the song of our blood. It is blood we all share and the soil knows it as much as the sky. They wrote it all together.” ~SC Lourie


Art by Heather McLean

“If you’ve been feeling anxious and ungrounded as of late, you are not alone. It may have been a rocky couple of weeks, but keep the faith: the Full Moon of Oct 15, 2016 (9:23 PM PT) will shower the planet with a much-needed dose of healing light, ushering in a new era of harmony and abundance, and dispelling the shadows of fear and doubt. Known in India as Sharad Purnima, this Full Moon is said to open a portal to Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi’s divine feminine influence, or shakti, will infuse the moon’s bright rays, detoxifying our bodies and increasing the flow of wealth in our lives. If the universe has seemed to be holding back, or it’s felt like you’re running in place, this month’s Full Moon will provide just the remedy. Positioned at the very last degree of the sidereal Zodiac, this Full Moon transits the tip of Pisces’s tail, the starknown as Revati. While Revati’s primary influence inspires love and harmony–and shepherds lost animals home–give yourself a healthy dose of compassion, as it may also bring up feelings of discomfort. With its position at 29 degrees Pisces, this Full Moon falls at the cusp of radical change. At ten p.m., just 40 minutes after the moon reaches its peak of fullness, it will cross into a celestial twilight zone known as gandanta. This unpredictable cusp position could set off a series of strange or unexpected events, particularly with the influence of fiery Mars and moon’s conjunction with Uranus, known for delivering shocks. But those shocks will feel minor as compared with the host of positive changes and new opportunities ushered in by the Revati Full Moon. If you’ve been feeling the heat since last month’s eclipse, you’ll soon get some relief. Prepare to welcome in a new era of abundance and prosperity, and ride the wave of uncertainty until you reach the next level.” ~Kari Field, AnandaShree Astrology


Art by Seoung-Hwan Bae

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.” ~John Lennon


Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people to ever inhabit this planet. His presence is forever felt.