Happy Blue Moon!

Moon Art by David Joaquin

“This blue moon is the wind beneath our wings that we have long been waiting for.

We just have to close our eyes, sit under the moon glow, listen to our inner selves, make the wish that has been repeating in our minds and the rest, quite simply, will be magic.

Positivity, trusting our intuition and self-belief is key.

We can do this!

A blue moon only occurs approximately every 2.7 years and its energy is 12 times more powerful than a regular full moon. It is a rare phenomenon that should not be missed.

This is a once in a blue moon opportunity with maximum energetic effect that has the capacity to heighten the powerful outcome of anything we ask of it, if our intentions for the outcome are right.

This is one magical and mystical opportunity most definitely worth taking!”

~Alex Myles

Art by David Joaquin

Beautiful song! Enjoy :)

“All those days we held our heads up high,
just like some winter birds before they turned to fly.
If there’s a story to be told, of being young or growing old,
getting tied up by those days you left behind.
Well, don’t sing a verse for me, I’ll be far away at sea,
trying to leave all my fears behind.
So I can say all these days I hold my head up high
and I’d say all these days I hold my head up high.”