Be kind and gentle to yourself.

Be kind and gentle to yourself.

We judge ourselves so harshly and often use unkind words when talking about ourselves. Ask yourself if you would say those things to your best friend. We must truly love ourselves before we can become the powerful beings we are meant to be. Embrace and accept your faults and practice being kind to yourself with your thoughts and words.

Street Artist ~ Banksy

Street Artist ~ Banksy

“Even in the midst of the raging storm, pause long enough to remind yourself that it’s all a miracle. And when the pain is unbearable and you think you can no longer go on, remember this: On that day in the future when you’re gasping for your final breath, you will gladly take back even your worst day, to live over again…to watch the sunrise, to smell the flowers, to hear your child’s laughter, to hold the ones you love just one more time. With that in mind, laugh in the face of the storm. Find the courage that lies deep within. Let adversity fuel your determination. Nobody said it would be easy. You only fail if you give up….so don’t.” – JSB
(SOURCE: Knowledge of Today)