Happy New Moon!

Art by Judy Dillon

“The new moon of Nov 18, 2017 is calling for a higher sense of purpose. This lunar cycle stokes a new fire of clarity and reawakens forgotten dreams and intentions.

 In Vedic astrology, this new moon falls in the area of the sky known as Vishaka nakshatra.  Called the “Star of Purpose,”  Vishaka is said to have a special drive to,“achieve many goals in life.”  The symbol of this lunar mansion is a triumphal archway – a doorway for victorious warriors.

Indra, the Vedic chief of the demigods, and Agni, the fire god of spiritual truth, both rule over this new moon.  Together they burn away inhibition and self-doubt by stoking the fire of courage and conviction.

On a greater level, the influence of Kala Sarpa Yoga(Serpent of Time) continues to put pressure on world consciousness. Kala Sarpa Yoga is said to awaken Nagadragons, the primal life force and ancient wisdom that resides deep within us, and within the earth itself. This destabilizing influence can cause shocking events, scandals, earthquakes, and personal shake-ups as well. This is an excellent time to embrace change and transform personal habits and beliefs.

Take heed, the new moon is said to be in its debilitation in transformative Scorpio.  Feelings could be intense so try to be extra patient with yourself and others. With a strong influence of penetrating Mars and thoughtful Mercury(parivartana yoga), this new moon is a radical time to do inventory on your life.  What are you passionate about? Have you been distracted by people or activities that are not in alignment with your true interests?

The Vishaka new moon is an opportunity to hear your true calling and aim for higher goals in life, both materially and spiritually. Connect now to your innate strength. There is infinite power within all of us.”

by Kari Field, Anandashree Astrology
Art by Julie Dillon

Happy Full Moon!

Full Moon Art by Catrin Welz-Stein

“The November 3rd/4th Full Moon in the earth sign of Taurus is going to be showering all of us with love and abundance, making it one of the most magical Moon’s of 2017.

November is already a power month seeing as it holds the vibration of 11, and this Full Moon is the perfect way to kickstart all of this wonderful energy.

11 is a sacred number in numerology as it represents divinity, rebirth and higher consciousness. It is also the number associated with angels. This vibration will be with all of us through the month of November, making it the perfect time to turn our dreams into goals and our goals into actions.

Couple this 11 energy with the Taurus Full Moon and the first part of November is going to be glittering with an abundance of opportunities for money, success and romance.

The energy of this Full Moon will be handed to all of us on a silver plate, but we actually have to take action to feel and see this energy in operation for ourselves.

From the beginning of the year, we have all been beckoned to start a new chapter. We have all been called upon in different ways to break free of old patterns and start something new.

Transformation like this can be extremely challenging, and perhaps many of you are feeling zapped and depleted at this point in the year.

This Full Moon comes as a reminder that the Universe is on your side, and that it is there to offer you exactly what you need.

This Full Moon is so bountiful and wonderful, that it is really going to help you regain a lot of your strength and inner knowing as you start making your way through this new chapter in your life.

This Full Moon comes as a reminder that the only person standing in your way is You. This Full Moon reminds us that the world is on your side, you just need to get out of your own way and start living the life that you want without making excuses.

Use the energy of the November Full Moon to rise up and shed all the fears that hold you back from living the life you want. Use this energy to push past any boundaries or barriers that you have created so you can start making steps forward.

This Full Moon favors slow, methodical steps that are aligned with your highest intention. Work with this energy, and very soon you will start seeing tangible, bountiful and abundant results.”

~Tanaaz, excerpt from Forever Conscious

Art by Catrin Welz-Stein