Speaking out for Palestine is the right thing to do despite the fact that it causes a lot of anger in those who have bought into the pro Israel propaganda that has been so heavily fed to us for ages. So many people still get their news from the mainstream media and have no idea what is really happening. The band Coldplay received harsh criticism and backlash this week after suggesting their fans check out the song below. Give it a listen… and never be afraid to speak your truth. Especially when it is in support of human rights.

“The Palestinians in Gaza live in conditions that now replicate those first imposed on Jews by the Nazis in the ghettos set up throughout Eastern Europe. Palestinians cannot enter or leave Gaza. They are chronically short of food—the World Health Organization estimates that more than 50 percent of children in Gaza and the West Bank under 2 years old have iron deficiency anemia and reports that malnutrition and stunting in children under 5 are “not improving” and could actually be worsening. Palestinians often lack clean water. They are crammed into unsanitary hovels. They do not have access to basic medical care. They are stateless and lack passports or travel documents. They live with massive unemployment. They are daily dehumanized in racist diatribes by their occupiers as criminals, terrorists and mortal enemies of the Jewish people.”

~Chris Hedges

This quote from the awesome Chris Hedges, came before the massive onset of violence currently being inflicted on Gaza. Freedom for Palestine!

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