This beautiful song sung by Ryan WhiteWolf and stunning video created by Daniel Raphael, was released yesterday in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day. Enjoy!

“This day marks a new holiday, Indigenous Peoples day, replacing Columbus day, transmuting enslavement into freedom. As a tribute to Mexico, where this footage was filmed, and all indigenous people, animals, and spirits which encompass us all, I humbly offer this weaving of light and sound to open a portal into the remembrance of where we are returning to now. Aho ~” – Daniel Raphael

Beautiful song and video. Love this so much!

“When you know who you are,
and can see through your veils,
your old fears become wind in your sails,
then your heart heat unfurled,
from the hypnosis of your world,

When you know who you are,
the darkness the light, love loves it all,
cause love has no fight, what has passed is a dream,
what is not here is not what it seems,

So pull yourself together now.”