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“Ricky Syers is an off-beat 50 year old street performer who found his calling as a puppeteer after a lifetime of manual labor. While performing in New York City’s Washington Square Park, he met Doris Diether, an 86 year old community activist. They became friends and he made a marionette that looks just like her. Now she’s joined his act and the two of them can often be seen performing together.”

Happy Summer Solstice! “Great God, Father of the Earth, Shine down on this, your strongest day. Blessed Goddess who gave us Birth, Bless us who honor your ancient way. As Summer’s light falls to the ground, lending crops and trees it’s power, the Summer winds blow warm and round, touching the corn silk and the flowers. We give you thanks, our Mother Earth, We praise you, fire of the Sun. We dance this Solstice day with Mirth, from dawns’ first light ’till the day is done.” ~author unknown

Solstice Art

Art~ “Moon Dance – A Midsummer Celebration” by Holly Sierra
Source: Shamantube

On this day, 142 years ago, the prominent American suffragist Susan B. Anthony was sentenced and fined for “illegally voting” as a woman in the 1872 Presidential Election. Prior to her trial, she spoke in all 29 towns and villages of Monroe County, New York, where her trial was scheduled to be held, on the topic of “Is it a Crime for a U.S. Citizen to Vote?” She called upon women to exercise their right to vote, with or without formal recognition: “We no longer petition legislature or Congress to give us the right to vote, but appeal to women everywhere to exercise their too long neglected ‘citizen’s right’.” At her trial near Rochester, the judge refused to allow Anthony to testify on her own behalf and, after she was convicted, he read an opinion that he had written before the trial even started. After the verdict was given, Anthony was at last permitted to speak and gave what Ann Gordon, an eminent historian of the women’s suffrage movement, called “the most famous speech in the history of the agitation for woman suffrage.” During it, she protested “this high-handed outrage upon my citizen’s rights … you have trampled under foot every vital principle of our government. My natural rights, my civil rights, my political rights, my judicial rights, are all alike ignored.” The judge ordered Anthony to pay a $100 fine for her ‘crime’ of illegally voting to which she declared, “I shall never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty.” True to her words, she never paid the fine for the rest of her life!

Susan B

Always inspiring to hear about the fearless, powerful women who came before us.
Susan B. Anthony was a badass!

Partial Source: A Mighty Girl

Instead of suggesting surgery or drugs to remedy a patient’s problems, this doctor makes nourishing food the first priority.


In Houston, Texas, a progressive doctor has begun prescribing fruits and vegetables instead of pharmaceutical drugs, as he and many others believe nourishing food is an essential requirement for becoming ‘well’.

After years of treating patients’ modern-day ails, such as Diabetes and high blood pressure, Dr. Garth Davis discovered that diet and lifestyle are truly the best tools for helping a body become vibrantly well.

As the medical director of bariatric surgery at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, Dr. Davis no longer prescribes pharmaceutical drugs but instead dolls out recommendations for fruits and vegetables. And so far, patients have responded very well to the change.

“As physicians, we perform surgery or prescribe medications to our patients to make them well,” said Davis. “Why not also educate them on healthy eating, and make fresh fruits and vegetables readily available?”

Dr. Davis and his team partnered with Kristina Gabrielle Carrillo-Bucaram, the founder, and chief co-operator of Rawfully Organic (the nation’s largest nonprofit organic food co-op), to make this possible.

Together, Dr. Davis, Kristina, the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center Hospital and the Memorial Hermann Foundation have opened the “Farmacy Stand.”

The stand is open from 10 AM – 2 PM, every Wednesday in the lobby of Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center in Houston, Texas.

When prescribed fresh produce by Dr. Davis, patients go to the ‘Farmacy’ and receive $10 off a regularly priced $25 box of fresh, organic produce through the Rawfully Organic co-op. The Memorial Hermann Foundation graciously provided money to build the stand, and also funds the $10 discount for patients to eat healthier.


Source: True Activist
Photo credit: Rawfully Organic