Check out this inspiring new video from Empty Hands Music. Much love to all my people!!

Another Empty Hands Music collaboration between Nimo and Magical filmmaker and sister Ellie Walton to create “To My People” – an Ode to Humanity music video and song featuring dear musicians and humanitarians Chad Harper and Nick Dalton. “To My People” is dedicated to the deep inter-connectedness that roots us all. Whether its our blood family, friends, work mates, spiritual or religious communities, or even strangers, we are all connected and blessed to have such love surrounding us. We bow down to all of your hearts of gold.

“Everyone needs a practice which polishes them, to wear away at the obscuring mindstuff which settles like debris on one’s way of seeing. In our hearts, we know there is meaning to it all, an ordering nature to the chaos, but like a dream which slips away into forgetting, we have to practice at coming into its coherency. Without such a practice, we fall prey to the belief that the toxic fog of consensus culture is the real reality. When in fact, it is only the ‘not-beauty’ behind which beauty is hiding.” ~Dreamwork with Toko-pa

glimpse of a better world

I am so in love with social artist Peter Sharp. Check out his awesome dance of Freedom :)

“I quickly realized that my passion for creating social art was what I was born to give after inspiring and leading a social movement in Barcelona Spain.
The movement gave me the chance to really explore and express all of my creative potential. Not only was I creating art for myself, the creation of art became a shared priority for people from all over the world to unite in something life changing. My life work points itself towards engaging communities in playful activities that empower people to share acts of love and kindness with others.”

“Today’s Full Moon will bring blessings, vision, truth, promise, protection, and new initiatives that will mobilize us to act in order to deal with unexpected things that present themselves. …In this Full Moon, we shall see signs of being at a collective-cooperative turning point about how our habits and ability to take care of our needs are or are not working, and many will confront a self-transcendence they knew was coming. That time is now.” ~Robert Wilkinson

Full Moon art