“The handmade life is calling us to live a new way – designing, crafting, creating on our own terms. It is a consciousness of the spirit, an attunement to our deepest dreams and longings – connecting us to what is most important, rather than passively accepting what is as what will always be. As the constrictive tendrils of an old life continue to lose their grip, a new confidence and sureness is coming in. It is both a fierceness, grounded in truth and earned wisdom, and a vulnerability that is slowly opening, surrendering, wanting to be seen. A sense of lightness and excitement washes over me on this first day of spring. I feel tremendous gratitude for the gift of renewal, of re-birth, and to know that I can create this new life. I will. I am.” ~Kristen Roderick

Art by Jimmy Lawlor

Art by Jimmy Lawlor

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