Happy New Moon, Happy Spring Equinox, Happy Eclipse, Happy International day of Happiness! Whoa. Super powerful day. Let us all ride the energy of change into a new future with open hearts and minds. Much love!!

New moon girl


“We all long for love, for peace, for creativity, for family and community, talents and disciplines that make us whole human beings. Unfortunately, our society’s leaders do not listen to what the people want…We’re finally waking up to the fact that the ideas and paradigms running our world no longer fit our needs; in fact, they reject our vision and our needs. So it is time for each of us to take responsibility for the story of our lives. The old story that is passing away is the story that taught us that we needed to be free. The new story is about what we plan to do with our freedom. It begins within your own psyche. Are you in or are you out? Can you open up your crown chakra to Spirit and listen to the original story of your soul? Can you let your inner guidance help you create your new life? Can you free yourself from the fear and insecurity patriarchy is trying to feed us? If you do, you can play in the Quantum Field and start creating that new life that the world needs so very much. “ ~Cathy Pagano

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