Happy New Moon!

New Moon by Vladimir Kush

“This New Moon will show us ways to be efficient as we reform what we need to, as we discover elements of the new life that began to open several weeks ago. Since the Solar Eclipse in Pisces “the race has begun,” and there’s no time for hesitancy or unnecessary considerations. Do what needs to be done quickly and efficiently, and let the ghosts of the past flow down the time stream. Forgive much, let go of much, give away all you no longer need, and await the revelation to come.

Because of our reflections and rewinds during the Venus retrograde period from early March to now, we’re already reprogramming our subconscious minds regarding how old relationships liberated us, or freed us from responsibilities we no longer needed. The recent Mercury retrograde helped us look back to see what we had buried that opened our present life, and we now have had ample opportunities to re-shape our minds in forms of receptivity so that we could fulfill some promise awakened in the Summer of 2016.

We can now make rapid progress in many areas; the trick is to see what gardens you can tend that promise the best harvest, while joining with others to overcome any lack of potency in action. Those who are inspired can reclaim an opportunity they thought was lost, and the coming weeks promise more “spiritual linkage through emotional stress” as well as blessings after the death of useless things. A new day is dawning and this dawn will last a few months, so be awake and alert to expanding your heart, your Light, your Fire, and your inspiration.

What are you dedicated to? The old life has died, even if there are echoes of memories to be cleaned up, cleaned out, and blessed that come forth occasionally. The new day has in fact already dawned, and a new way of life has been revealed to each of us. The chaotic past is now rapidly moving down the timestream, so face forward, as there are new opportunities as well as old promises to be redeemed. Be the Light of your most genuine and enjoyable self, and say goodbye to the past that’s already gone.”

~Robert Wilkinson, excerpt from Aquarius Papers

Art by Vladimir Kush

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