Happy New Moon!

Moon by Christian Schloe

“Over the next 4 weeks, the New Moon in Taurus indicates a time when we will understand that as we let go of the past, we open the door to self-renewal. Here we confront “a new quality of being which renders the old patterns obsolete.” Dream well, since you’re sending out a tone that will affect your future.

This stabilizing, renewing, closing and initiating New Moon that opens the door to a new life occurs in Taurus on April 26. Taurus is where we solidify the Aries’ quality of entering new ways of being ourselves, and can settle into a stable groove of gathering what we need to support the new ways.

This New Moon will show us that an old life order must disintegrate and be left behind if we are to be open to a new way to live. Since the Solar Eclipse in Pisces “the race has begun,” and there’s no time for hesitancy or unnecessary considerations. Do what needs to be done quickly and efficiently, and let the ghosts of the past flow down the time stream. Forgive much, let go of much, give away all you no longer need, and await the revelation to come.

Because of our reflections and rewinds during the Venus retrograde period from early March to now, we’re already reprogramming our subconscious minds regarding how old relationships liberated us, or freed us from responsibilities we no longer needed. While Mercury is still retrograde, keep looking back as a preparation to move forward in the very near future, and find new ways to view old things to open your imagination and bury whatever needs to be buried from the past.

This is the time to take responsibility for steering the process of your passage from the rapidly fading old life into the new way being opened. The new day has dawned; now it’s time to get into a groove of allowing a new way to come while seeing the chaotic past as something fading down the time stream. There are new opportunities as well as old promises to be redeemed. Be the Light of your most genuine and enjoyable self, and say goodbye to the past.”

~Robert Wilkinson, excerpt from the aquariiuspapers.com

Art by Christian Schloe

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