Happy Full Moon :)


“The first Full Moon of the year falls in the watery and intuitive sign of Cancer on January 12th, 2017. 

Being the first Full Moon for the year, this Cancer Moon is going to be highlighting part of the journey that we are destined to take in the next 12 months. It is also going to be calling on us to step into our truth and embrace that inner power that we all have inside.

This energy is also amplified due to a Grand Cross formation that is preparing to take shape in the sky on the same night as the Full Moon.

This Grand Cross energy has been building for sometime and is part of a much bigger cycle that is playing out over the course of the next few years.

In fact, watching the planets closely it is almost like they are planning something, it is almost like they are whispering secrets to each other in order to create a revolution. 

In order to create a revolution, the darkness has to rise to the surface. The darkness in all of us and in the world has to be brought out into the light for us to see. It is only then that we can realize the truth of what is before us.

2016 forced us to do a lot of processing and clearing, but with this Full Moon and the energy of 2017 we don’t have to work as hard. All we need to do is sit back and watch which direction the Universe wants us to go.

This Full Moon is definitely an interesting one to kick off 2017. It indicates that this year is a time of growth and change. It indicates that this is the year we lay down our roots for the revolution, for the revolution that we want to create in our own lives. 

While pressure and tension may be amplified at this time, it is only so we can grow and it is only so we can see what needs to crumble and what needs to stay. 

Trust your intuition during this time, allow the energies to wash over you and guide you. Embrace them, because when you do, you will see just how perfectly everything is unfolding.”

~Tanaaz, excerpt from Forever Conscious

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