Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Moon drops by Christian Schloe

“The September 1, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo is going to open a doorway into the new.

Mercury, who also shifts into retrograde on August 30 is also going to be amplifying this energy and will bring a dynamic energy to this Solar Eclipse.

On one hand, we are going to be greeted with a new doorway, but on the other hand Mercury in retrograde may bring a sense of confusion about how to actually proceed.

This confusion is necessary and is the Universe’s way of reminding us to slow down yet again.

Coupled with the Eclipse, Mercury is going to be bringing important information to the surface. Secrets may be revealed, the truth may come out and new information may be brought to light.

We need this information before we can fully fling ourselves through this doorway, so wait patiently and see what this Mercury retrograde cycle brings for you.

It seems that 2016 has really been asking us to take things slow so we can truly understand where we are heading and what choices are serving us or holding us back.

2016 is a year of endings, so whatever we need to put an end to, whatever choices we need to redirect, will finally be revealed throughout September.

Watch what events take place around the New Moon Solar eclipse and feel out what this doorway may be opening for you. If you are aware, you will get enough of a glimpse of this energy to work out where it may be guiding you.

This new cycle is all something we can look forward to. Its energy is strong, powerful and centered around healing, truth and finding our inner-strength.

So, on the day of the Solar Eclipse New Moon take a moment to send out your wishes into the Universe. Take a moment to drink up the powerful energy of this Eclipse, and see where September may take you.”

~ by Tanaaz, Forever Conscious

Art by Christian Schloe

One thought on “Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!

  1. Thank you, I think 😉 I am certainly feeling both the uncertainty go how to progress and the confusion of progressing itself speeding everything in my life up to the pace of a tornado… OxO

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