Happy potent Aquarius Full Moon!

Moon art by Wendy Ortiz

“Aquarius, the Water Bearer is an air sign known for its intellectual insights and astounding intelligence. The waters that Aquarius pours forth to humanity are those of insight, energy and creative intelligence. These waters are given without expectation of anything in return. Aquarius takes its energetic reserves and brings them forward to share with all of life. Not known for being an outwardly emotional sign, Aquarius cares deeply about equality and humanitarian causes. A sign known for its astute and searingly honest insights, Aquarius wants to understand how systems work and how to make them work as efficiently as possible. Aquarius doesn’t rely on the thinking of the group to form its opinion. It is able to do that through the gathering, weighing and understanding of all the evidence it can acquire. Aquarius is a fixed sign. Fixed signs hold the center. They are sturdy. They are solid. Aquarius is sturdy, solid and confident in its visions. Aquarius is the Seer of the zodiac. This full moon is reminding us to take those visions to heart. This full moon is sitting in a sextile to Uranus, the planet that awakens us, sends lightening bolts of insight to us and can sharpen our perception by disrupting our illusions with the truth. A sextile is subtle and supportive. Through this sextile the moon is transmitting the energies of rebellion, revolution and breaking free in a way that appears more seamless and less chaotic than this planet usually is. It could be a moon that helps us to break up or chip away at the psychic calcium that collects when we become overly rigid or unwilling to allow life to live itself through us. Give way to what is coming through you.”

~Chani Nicholas

Moon Art by Wendy Ortiz

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