Happy New Moon!

New Moon star art

“The day of the New Moon is one of the most significant points in the month. It helps us to start a new cycle and allows us the rare privilege of being able to venture within to really see the truth of where we are going and where we are at.

The May New Moon falls in the earth sign of Taurus on May 6th, and will bring with it a gentle hand that will allow us to finally receive some clarity.

With 5 planets currently in retrograde and more to follow in June, we have all been on a journey of digging up the past so we can make room for the new. Retrograde energy is all about clearing the past so you can move forward without any baggage weighing you down. The more you can embrace this energy and the more you can allow it into your life, the more you will be able to face your past with strength and faith.

On its own, this New Moon is actually very positive and gentle so if you can use the energy it provides to help you through all this retrograding energy, you may find that things start to automatically fall into place.

If things are stirred for you surrounding the New Moon, take it as an opportunity to ground yourself in where you are at and to feel your feet firmly rooted in the ground. Aligning with the energy of this New Moon requires us to go with the flow of the energy that we feel and to embrace all that crosses our path.

Be gentle with  yourself this week and know that the past cannot be changed, but it can be healed and released through acceptance, forgiveness and love.

When you open your heart to the energies of this New Moon and allow, you will feel its energy washing away all that no longer serves you and all that is holding you back from you.”


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