Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

Moon Art by Los Tomatos.jpg

“Lunar eclipses add extra power to a Full Moon, bringing old emotional patterns and complexes to our awareness so that we can release them.
The Cosmos is giving us an opportunity to face the truth about ourselves. Fear will always be prowling at the door. Let’s use Aries’ bravery and daring to face our fears and bring them into the Light and make peace with them.
Will we be accepted? Will we be good enough? Will we be able to support ourselves? Face those questions with a big resounding YES! Why not?  We’re in a new story, remember?
Yes, sometimes the world is a scary place, but why let that stop us from living the life we were born to live. We are all being called to go on our hero’s journey out into the world. Begin. Now is the time, and this is the place. And don’t forget to Dance!”
~Cathy Pagano, from Mystic Mamma
Art by Los Tomatos

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