Happy Full Moon in Virgo!

Moon Art by Kondratenko Gavriil Pavlovich

“One of the most important emotional aspects of this moon is that there is some big cumulating energy here that ties back to whatever was going on in September for each of us.  It’s been six months of in-depth changes and a lot going on underneath a seemingly calm surface. Sometimes it’s been frustrating because it seems as if things haven’t been moving as fast as our egos would have liked.  But the thing that we have to remember is that even though things may look one way—the reality can be very different.  This time we are being asked to open our eyes to what we’ve previously chosen to stay blind to.  We are being asked if we just want to float along, or ride the hell out of whatever wave comes our way.  Being the first full moon in the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, it’s no surprise that we are up for some serious game changing energy.  Some full moons show us the light of truth and others help to shake us free of some outdated routines and worn out patterns, but this moon is not just about changing the rules of the game, but the players too.  Simply speaking, the rule for this full moon is that there aren’t any.  Now, not only are we being shown where our heart lies, but we are being challenged to gamble everything for what we desire.  It is the time when the heat gets turned up just a bit more and we have to decide exactly how this will all end.  Yes, we are at the climax of our story.  Yes, there is a lot at stake.  But the final choice lies within each of us as to whether this will be the ending of a chapter, or just the point where all the pieces suddenly fell into place and we find the courage to take the steps into the life that we want to create.  If we can balance our emotions and listen to the truth in our heart, then we may fare on the side of winning whatever battle has been taking place.  But in order to do that, we need to go into this moon not just tipping our hat at the truth, but wallowing in it.  Absorbing it into our very being and then being prepared to do something about it.  It’s up to us to have made these past six months count for something—it’s up to us to decide that we aren’t going to stand in our own goddamn way of happiness any longer.  Not only are we ready for the next chapter of our lives, but we are welcoming it.  The truth is there has been a war over our hearts.  However, now is the time that we are being empowered to fight for what it is that we truly want.  And not give up until victory is ours.”  ~Kate Rose, via Elephant Journal

Art by Kondratenko Gavriil Pavlovich

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