Happy New Moon! Time to reach for our dreams and ground them into the physical plane. “Think of a solitary mountain goat, deftly leaping from stone to stone, in the high altitudes, while below, lies the vast snowy theater of the world. This New Moon become the goat. And let your life be the breath-taking, intricate, and treacherous mountain. Your focus? Keeping your balance, of course! According to the Austrian philosopher-clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner, balance is the psycho-physical sense we must develop in Capricorn. When we steady ourselves, we steady the world. If we slip and free fall, the world goes spinning. The alliance you forge with Capricorn now can strengthen your footing for the entire year. Capricorn is a climber, inspired by high goals. But nothing is gained without first achieving balance on the terrain immediately beneath your feet. Tune into the earth. Let your balance be a conversation between you and the benevolent forces whispering, ‘Step here next!’ ~Dana Gerdhart

Moon art Duy Huynh

Art by Duy Huynh

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