Happy New Moon!

Moon witch

“Since the Full Moon Eclipse in September, we have all been dealing with many changes. Our structures or routines may have been influx or there may have been some much needed growth and transformation.

On the night of the New Moon, we are all going to be feeling the opportunities that this Eclipse was trying to bring us in a more positive light. This New Moon will once and for all welcome us into the energetic gateway that was opened by the eclipse and reveal to us the magic that awaits inside.

While some have already started their path down through the gateway (or rabbit hole depending on what has been brewing!) this new moon will help us to really leave the old behind in order to embrace the new. In fact, this new moon will work hard to help us release the dramas of the last few months in order to welcome in the start of a fresh new cycle.

While this is positive, if you have been holding on to things, whether it be outdated beliefs, relationships or events, the Universe may bring you one final shake up during this new moon in order to steer you on the right path. This new moon may even bring with it some element of surprise, due to the fact that it is in strong aspect with the planet, Uranus. Uranus is not only the planet of ‘surprises’ but it also the great awakener and sometimes we have to trust that Uranus knows more about our path of awakening than we can first comprehend.

If you do find yourself in the midst of some surprises around this new moon, remember that it is all to bring you to a higher place and to help you align with the path of your destiny. Perhaps Uranus may also be asking you to awaken deeper into your true and full potential in order to better navigate this new and exciting chapter of your life.”

~ by Tanaaz, abridged

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