“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you. It can be rather easy for all of you to forget exactly how far you’ve come when you experience intense energies. It is because of the higher frequencies that are present on your world that every little thing seems like it is gargantuan in size and scope. We are asking you all to take into consideration the point in the shift where you find yourselves. You cannot evaluate where you are based upon where you were in the past, because the energies are so different. So we suggest that you not look at this in a linear fashion. Instead, spend some of your time patting yourselves on the back for having gotten as far as you have and for having the ability to absorb the gamma waves of energy that you have just experienced. Be good to yourselves. Give yourselves the benefit of the doubt, whenever anything is coming up for you. Know that you can handle it and that you are handling it. There is no finish line, and this is not a race. You absorb, you integrate, and you move on. And all the while, things on your world are improving, perhaps not all at once, perhaps not dramatically, perhaps not even noticeably. But the energies are having the effect that they were always meant to have, and you are inching your way, closer and closer to holding the fifth dimensional frequency that you were born to hold. You have our support. You have the support of all of the archangels, all of the ascended masters, Yeshua, your guides, and many, many more. There is a tremendous amount of light surrounding each of you, and we ask you to let go, to bask in that light, and to acknowledge yourselves for having traversed these energies with grace. There are much better times to come, and you are on the precipice of so much more. Relax and breathe and let it all in. We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

Spirit guides

The Post-Wave X World – Archangel Michael, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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