Happy New Moon! “The Partial Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo is exact on Saturday September 12th, 2015 at 11:41pm PDT (the midpoint of the actual eclipse itself is 11:55pm)- initiating us into the Eclipse portal of profound change, transformation, endings and new beginnings… This solar eclipse is about healing karmic patterns that have been with us for lifetimes and which have become crutches and roadblocks to our Soul’s evolution and growth. Each of us is up against our biggest stuff right now- I am hearing this from all around (myself included). When we come up against our biggest stuff- the stuff that brings you to your knees- the desire is to check out, deny, ignore and/or over focus on living in our Light so we don’t have to see and address our darkest shadows. This is the ego’s reaction to being shown the Truth about the self- which can be quite a shocking experience (particularly if we have invested a lot of our time and energy in NOT seeing the Truth about ourselves). Yet the opportunity for profound healing and MAJOR SHIFTS in our evolution are absolutely profound when we choose to face the self in such a way. The Universe has conspired to bring us a pure Eclipse energy that is focused precisely like a surgeon’s blade. The capacity to use this blade wisely to cut out the carcinogenic karmic patterns that have been suffocating our Soul’s growth like a tumor overtaking the health and balance of the body is possible right now. Yet it takes courage, humility, compassion for self and other and deep commitment to go all the way and see this through to the end. …opportunities for sudden and complete revelation of our deepest wounds and pain with the capacity to move through them fully, see them for what they are, heal them and move further down the path of our evolutionary journey. The potential of this Eclipse is to catalyze our healing and awakening in super galactic ways. It is no coincidence that Saturn is in the last degree of Scorpio- dredging up the last bit of shadow and facing us with our absolute deepest fears and karmic bonds. It’s also not happenstance that the evolutionary North Node is on the super galactic center- beaming us with high frequency energy to help us initiate the radical changes, evolutions and shifts our Souls truly seek (and that our egos are running away from). We are in a confluence of energies right now that any single one of them would be huge- but what we have is all of them happening AT THE SAME TIME. Many people have been speaking to this feeling like life is full on right now and that shit is getting real. That is putting it mildly- and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to harness this energy and make it work for you in your life. The potential for karmic completion on a massive level and moving into a new frequency and dimension of evolution in your life is there and yet it is like a seed you have to choose to plant and water with intention and conscious action to make this portal of time work for you. This time right now is so huge and we all have this opportunity to make major evolutionary shifts that will catapult us to a whole new level.” ~Divine Harmony

Artwork by Marta Orlowska

Art by Marta Orlowska

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