“Step closer to the story that scares you~ the one that has you gasping for air in the night, searching for ground. This one wants to take you past the lip of the void to the birthplace of stars, where all stories dissolve into the blessing of original song. Turn your wild horses out into the fields in the morning, when first light purples the hills. They are hungry for this earth under hoof, this thunder of full gallop. They may trample all the places you have so carefully tended. They may leave you in a cloud of dust. And yet, this is the only way they will return to you truly, without a fence to keep them in. Leap into the love that terrifies— you know just what it will do. It will un-hinge every door in your house. It will blow in like a hurricane and re-arrange your furniture. It will howl like a banshee through your bones and leave you delightfully hollow. Without this love you are only playing at this life– and you are so tired of that! Let the current lift you out of the churning eddy. There is only one place where this river flows— through slot canyons and the eyes of midnight, through singing valleys and greening glens. These holy waters will have their way with you. They are dreaming you into a body of light. Why fight what you most long for?” ~ Laura Weaver

Art by Andrew Ferez

Art by Andrew Ferez

Thanks to Dreamwork with Toko-pa for the quote.

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