Happy New Moon! “This Aquarius/Pisces energy combines our Collective Mind and Heart, helping us slip into Pisces’ unified field of Love and Compassion. Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars are also in Pisces, opening the veils between multiple realms of consciousness. We need a strong sense of our Soul to contain all these possibilities. If we are going to emerge into a new reality, it is a reality where we recognize we are all one; we are one with the Earth and all of Nature, we are one with the Cosmos and we are one with the Quantum Field of Light. We are Light beings, and we have to start living in that knowledge. Our psychological childhood is over. It’s time to take our place as adults, not only on the world stage but on the cosmic stage as well. We have to step into our wholeness to achieve our life’s purpose. The world needs us. And our souls long to live out our destiny. The ideals and ideas of our future world depend on each of us holding the vision, opening to Earth’s wisdom and being courageous enough to act.” ~Cathy Lynn Pagano

Moon boat

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