“Many people across the world are talking about preparing for war. Becoming ready to fight against the darkest evils that have had their grip on human society for thousands of years. Awaiting a courageous, heroic, last stand for the good of the world. It should not be surprising to you when I state that I’m prepared to go to war, side by side with you, and I am well equipped! For the war I am fighting is not deadly, for in my war bodies should remain intact and become healthier, villages should grow and prosper into abundant communities, families and friends will bond together and uplift one another. For the war that I am fighting, at your side, is not one of old world thought, nor old world versus new world, not even the dark side versus the light side. I’m at war with your lack of knowledge, your cognitive dissonance, your immediate refusal of new intelligence that ceases your very evolution. I’m at war with your polluting structures, the industries destroying your homes that you still choose to work for, the very buildings springing up around your bodies which you passively allow to destroy your lives. I’m at war with the depths of your soul, the darkness you’ve been holding on to, the negativity that you’ve allowed to build so feverishly which transforms you into an abyss. If there is anything I’m at war for, that war is for your heart, mind and spirit. My family, it should not surprise you when I state that I am fully prepared to go to war with you, side by side, and that I am well equipped.” ~Asura Tejo Rupa

people street art

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