“This is a wonderful time for Planet Earth, as ugly as it may look at times; for it is the tipping point from which everything can move forward in a very new way. It will be a busy time. The coming years will bring much movement, much activity, sometimes frenzied activity. Hold your calm, hold your center, know that all is well and you will be an ambassador of that for others as well as for yourself. And from that place, you will create the most extraordinary new levels of experience for yourself, for your people and for this planet. The analogy we will give you is moving from black and white television, to 3D Technicolor. That is going to be the experience of what is possible on Earth. And energetically this planet is going to come alive in a way it has not been for many, many thousands of years. This is a wonderful thing. We invite you to embrace it. You are part of everything and that is beautiful.” ~Zapharia through Lee, from The Crystalline Body

profound changes

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