“During the peeling away of the ego… you will feel lost. You will begin to wonder who you are. The You, you “thought” you were, was based on illusion. The illusion of who you thought you should be; based on the distorted beliefs of your friends and family and the projections of the mass consciousness. The old you; the inauthentic self dissolves. You may experience grief, sorrow, confusion, despair and extreme sadness as the darkness from your soul (ego/shadow self) is integrated with more LIGHT from the higher self so the beauty of your truth can be revealed. This is oftentimes called the “dark night of the soul”. It is a process of soul alchemy where our lead (darkness) is transmuted into the gold (christ consciousness) of our higher awareness. It takes courage and faith to embark on the journey of soul alchemy, which is really the ascension of the soul. Nurture and love your SELF as you go through this process.” ~Sabrina

art by Vladimir


Post from http://www.raiseyourvibration.com

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