Dragonfly approached a Ferguson officer and attempted to make eye contact. She implored him to look at her, and when their gaze connected, she asked, “Why do you all hate us so much?” The officer responded, “I don’t hate you, ma’am.” She replied with “I don’t want to hate you, I’d rather hug you.” And when he said, “Then hug me,” she promptly put her arms around him, and they embraced whole-heartedly for nearly a minute. From that moment forward, the gaze of the #FergusonOctober #MoralMonday protest shifted from the cluster of clergy leading the protest to the officers surrounding them.


(Dragonfly is a singing activist with the Stop Shopping Choir of New York City. Reverend Billy and Tom Tom Ted, with Dragonfly, were among the many activists who journeyed here to join the Ferguson October weekend. The Stop Shopping Choir will return to Ferguson on Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanks to Reverend Billy And The Stop Shopping Choir for this post. So touching. Love is the answer.

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