HOW TO BE FEARLESS ~ Don’t try to be free from fear. Fear is not something you need to escape at all. It is a very natural energy that just wants to move in you, a beloved wave in the vast ocean of life. Fear is a friend. It reveals that you are still alive, willing to feel powerful energies. You are close to your raw edge, exploring, dancing with the unknown, opening to possibilities. Fear will always be nearby. Just don’t use it as an excuse for inaction. Fear can never block you, or knock you off your path, or stop you from doing anything, when you commit to meeting it on its own terms. So many of our fears are about something that will or will not happen in the future. So many of our fears are never, ever realized. But remember, whatever happens in the future, you’ll be able to forge on with courage, you’ll be able to handle it all, because you know how to be present. However powerfully the storm of life rages, you will be able to come out of your story, release your tight grip on past and future, find your breath (it is always close), and remember your presence, your anchor, your root, your Home. You will never be overwhelmed by events because you will remember to slow down, to focus, to breathe, to connect with yourself in the deepest way. You will remember to say YES to where you are, and so you will never be a victim of circumstance, but a courageous co-creator, an ally of life. You cannot go wrong, friend, because even if you go wrong, and you find yourself walking down a strange path on a strange day, you can become curious, follow your breath, explore bodily sensation. You can allow whatever energies need to be allowed in you. You can stop calling the moment ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and embrace its suchness, its unique flavours. You can learn from your mistakes, get more clear about what you want or don’t want, find gratitude for where you are, find something worth living for, find beauty in your lostness. So make mistakes! There is nothing to fear when you know that you cannot go wrong. Fail. Fall to your knees. It doesn’t matter, because you know that life will hold you, fearlessly. ~ Jeff Foster


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