TODAY IS NOT DECISION DAY ~ If you are trying to choose, if you are confused now about what to do, think, say or feel, and unable to come to a restful conclusion, wonderful! Celebrate how alive you feel; honour the sacred mess of this moment, how it does not match any image of how it ‘should’ be. Today is not Decision Day. Today is Curiosity Day. Today is a day of staying close to the moment, breathing, feeling all sensations in your body, watching the mind spinning, trying to be the one in control, trying to know the future. Stop. Breathe. Come out of the story “I have to choose right now”. Take away all pressure. Remove time. Don’t label this ‘indecision’. Your stress is your attempt to fast-forward from the current scene of the movie of your life (this present scene of ‘uncertainty’) to a future scene of certainty and rest. The invitation? Find rest where you are. Be here. Turn towards the present scene, this very alive moment. Befriend uncertainty, not-knowing, wonderment. Allow all the images, thoughts, memories, suggestions, voices of the mind, to arise, stay awhile, and pass when they are ready. Know they are not who you are. Know that it is not the mind that will get you to the real answers. At some point, you will just know what to do. Or you will find yourself just doing it, without effort. At some point, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, the confusion will drop, and action will occur. It has always been this way. It always will. The biggest illusion is that you are in control. ‘When there is no confusion, there is no choice.’ From a deep embrace of where you are, from a love of uncertainty and impermanence, great certainty can grow. Trust your way towards decisions. Don’t fight the moment. You cannot get ‘there’ from here. Sometimes true answers emerge when our questions are given space to breathe. ~Jeff Foster



“When there is freedom… when one is very clear in one’s capacity to think subjectively, impersonally, very precisely, not sentimentally… there is no need for choice. When there is no confusion, then there is no choice.”  – J. Krishnamurti

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