“My problem is that the U.S. government wants us to be dumb. They’re not interested in a nation of smart, observant, rational people. They want us to be knee-jerk fools who ooh and aah at the TV and believe everything we hear, “no way!” like some forever 12-year olds who have no ability to think for ourselves, mold our own lives, allow ourselves to be controlled and directed by the government, which is not what America is about. We began this country by fighting against the tyranny of the King, we fought to make up our own lives, live how we want. America is the single greatest collection of heroes and intellectuals and builders the world has ever seen. We created the modern world, electricity, cars, factories, TV, radio, Internet, computers, cell phones, etc… And now our government wants to turn us into Honey Boo-Boo’s. Who’s going to build the future if we all turn into moronic hoax-believers? I’m confident that the government won’t win, that intelligent people will not be swayed, that brain power will overcome the idiot boxes of TV.” ~Anon

shit tv

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