“I can absolutely agree that there is a lot to complain about. If there wasn’t, people wouldn’t have such an easy job doing so. It isn’t an easy task to jump in the river of agony, pain and smile while you are diving through it. Like any other great river, for surely suffering and the way how most people treat each other is a strong current, we must remember that a river of such size eventually splits up into a delta, where it joins the ocean. If you can stay strong and cultivate a persistent will of fire deep within yourself and say; “hey, I know shit is tough, but why am I letting this kill me? I am not my surroundings unless I allow it to overtake me.”, you can grow seeds of courage, which will be your ultimate tool in the realms of physical and metaphysical survival. Don’t ever give up to the cruelties in this world. Let your strength radiate out energy that will transform your own surroundings and that will, given enough time, spread to the far reaches of this universe.” ~ Zdravko Stefanovic

positive attitude

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