“We are all part of the same thing, the singularity and inherent oneness of existence. Until we truly get that, we are not making real progress. There is a lot of misery being generated by the intention of a select minority on this planet enabled by the masses of under-informed. Most days, the urgency of our times inspires me to maintain a sense of peace in a world run by sociopaths gone utterly mad. I have a hard time believing that we are destined to go out this way, like a stupid rampaging beast, smashing to bits anything and everything in our path as we careen over the cliff. Another world is possible in every instant. The power to share, to contribute, to change is abundant and always around us.” ~Garrison Buxton

Garrison and his wife Alison are the Street Art duo Buxtonia. Creators of the Ad Hoc gallery which gave many a street artist their first show while creating a sense of connectedness between Street Artists, Graff writers, photographers, screen printers, and social activists who all responded to the high vibrational pull Alison and Garrison created. The duo now travels around the world collaborating with street artists and creating awesome pieces like the one featured in this post. Love them!

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