Love this video by Charles Eisenstein. Humanity can create such a better world than the one we’ve been handed. The best is yet to come.

“Part of us wants collapse. Because the world that we live in isn’t good enough. We feel that the world is supposed to be much more beautiful that what’s offered to us as normal. Thinking to ourselves when do we get to enjoy the fruits of thousands of years of culture and technology? So it’s natural for us to want things to fall apart. We feel trapped and don’t know how to get out, how to live in a world where its normal to look strangers in the eyes, where it’s common to love your work and look forward to Monday and not even distinguish work from play. Education should be about finding out what form of work for you is close to being play—work you do so easily that it restores you as you go. Work should be enacting and strengthening that. Live in your element, which is that of the earth, which is that of creation, which is that of the Creator.” ~ Charles Eisenstein

Thanks to Sustainable Man for this post.

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