Check out this inspiring video from the amazing young activist Ta’Kaiya Blaney. World Water Day is this coming Saturday, March 22 and there will be a globally synchronized ceremony to honor water. You are invited to participate wherever you are!

Issues like Fukushima, drought in California and elsewhere, flooding, toxic spills like West Virginia and Deep Horizon catastrophe in the gulf, the assault of fracking chemicals in aquifers, polar ice melt and others are more than enough to demand a swift and decisive response. If politicians are unable to lead, the people will. When water is threatened, all of life is threatened.

“Please dedicate Saturday March 22 to Love Water and Join Us at 3:00 pm in your Local Time Zone as we create a wave of intention moving across the planet. The Global Synchronized Moment for the World’s Waters will be at 3:00 pm PST (wherever you are in the world).

This launches a full year of action to deepen our relationship with water and get clean water to every human on the planet. Sign up to our email list to stay updated on movements you can plug into.

Together, we are a Global Synchronized Force of Nature.
Together, the World’s Waters will become Holy again.
Together, Love prevails on this Blue Planet.”

-The UNIFY Global Family

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