There is no life without love.

There is no life without love.

“I know what it’s like to be high on love and I am here to tell you it is heaven. Heaven really is within ourselves
I know from experience
And I never felt this much love.
And I never felt this happy
That is how I know today
Love is the answer
Love is heaven
Love is within
Love will really bring us salvation
Find Love
And you will find Heaven
Let love in
I am You.”

~ Bram Joosten

One thought on “There is no life without love.

  1. Seriously? Define love. This person sounds as if he just stopped smoking and wants others to join in. Love is different for everyone. People can and do live without love. Some people don’t recognize love. Some think something is love and it isn’t to the person they feel loves them. This saying is a sweeping generalization. I’m all for slogans and bumper stickers. I have a million buttons and I wear some of them all the time. But there is life without love…it’s all around us. If we disappeared in the next two seconds, life would flourish, even if frogs didn’t know what love was (maybe they do, I have no idea). Does this mean human to human love only? If that’s the case, we would have to stop killing each other in order to even discuss it. I’m all for love, but love is definitely not the answer to a lot of things. If you as six people what love means you might get six different answers. Experience is not transferrable. What does heaven mean to him? Love will bring salvation for….from….? LOL sorry, but I’m not letting him in. The artwork on your site is truly amazing. I don’t belong here, however. I have too many questions about the sayings and quotes. Fortunately, I married my soul mate and have been in love with him my entire live. I say fortunately because I’m assuming, from the saying, that all the people who don’t have love do not have lives either.

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