Follow your heart!!

Follow your heart!!

“Only the most bitter and cynical among us still cling to the dreams of a soulless world, but their influence is waning, their power now almost ghostly. We must not let their screams, however agonized, sarcastic and loud they might be, deter us from our revolutionary goal. We must respect ourselves enough, at last, to absolutely know what we know. Something is wrong. We feel it. We must hold to the conviction that the heart, not the brain, is the light of the world. The mind goes insane without the guidance of the heart. The intellect must bow to the spiritual impulse. We have been impregnated by a divine idea, and out of the womb of our mature consideration will come, when the time is ripe, the birthing of a better world. We are preparing to give birth to the people we are meant to be.”
~Marianne Williamson from her book Illuminata

Artist ~ Banksy

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